Tallahassee Community School

Staff Directory

Communication between home and school is extremely important.
Calls and emails sent to staff members will be returned within two business days.

Teaching Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Ahmad, Farah Learning Centre FAhmad@hrce.ca Website
Alcorn, Mme. Resource (French) talcorn@hrce.ca
Alexander, Ms. Grade Primary salexander@hrce.ca
Bigg, Mme. Grade 2 FI sbigg@hrce.ca
Boudreau, Mme. Primary/1 FI Janice.Boudreau@hrce.ca
Boudreau, M. Grade 3 FI Jean-Marc.Boudreau@hrce.ca Website
Brna, Mrs. Resource (English) SBrna@hrce.ca
Bruce, Mrs. Grade Primary/1 jbruce@hrce.ca
Campbell, Ms. Grade 3 Job Share Lcampbell@hrce.ca
Comeau, Mme. Early Literacy Teacher (FI) bcomeau@hrce.ca
Comeau-Shantz, Mme. Grade 2 FI rcomeau-shantz@hrce.ca
Crosby, Ms. Grade 3 VP Relief mcrosby@hrce.ca
Dempsey, Jayne Grade 1 50% (Reading Recovery Relief) 902-465-8650 jdempsey@hrce.ca
Flemming, Jenna Learning Centre jflemming@hrce.ca
Francis, Ms. Grade 1/2 dfrancis@hrce.ca
Garrett, Christina Grade 1/2 English cgarrett@hrce.ca
Giles, Mary 30% Physical Education mgiles@hrce.ca
Harris, Ms. Grade 2 JHarding@hrce.ca
Hodder, Mme. Grade Primary French Immersion mhodder@hrce.ca
Hurley, Mr. Grade Teacher 3 jhurley@hrce.ns.ca
Jolley, Brittany Grade 3 french immersion BJolley@hrce.ca
Kilfoil, Jennifer School Psychologist JKilfoil2@hrce.ns.ca
Lapierre, Ms. Grade 2/3 Teacher Ylapierre@hrce.ca
Leblanc, Lorraine Grade 1/2 French Immersion Lorianne.LeBlanc@hrce.ca
MacKenzie, Ms. Grade 3 Job Share melissa.mackenzie@hrce.ca
MacMullin, Ms. Music MMacMullin@hrce.ca
Molcsan, Ms. Physical Education emolcsan@hrce.ca
O'brien, Kendra School Speech Language Pathologist kendra.obrien@hrce.ca
O'brien, Kendra HRSB Speech Language Pathologist kendra.obrien@hrce.ca
Rodger, David Grade 1 English 50%/ 50% Reading Recovery DRodger@hrce.ca
Rossley, Mme. Grade 1 FI lrossley@hrce.ca
Snow, Jill Grade 2 English jsnow@hrce.ca
Tynes, Janessa Grade Primary/1 English JTynes@hrce.ca
Vincent, Krista Learning Centre Krista.Vincent@hrce.ca
Whitty, Mrs. Early Literacy Teacher (ELT) cwolfe@hrce.ca
Williams, Danita Guidance 902-465-8006 DDaye@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Conrad, Patsy EPA 902-465-8650 pconrad@hrce.ca
Craig, Mrs. EPA ccraig@hrce.ca
Currie, Mrs. EPA rcurrie@hrce.ca
Demings, Angie Cafeteria angie.demings@hrce.ca
Field, Kevin Night Custodian 902-465-8651 kfield@hrce.ns.ca
Groom, Jordan Night Custodian 902-465-8651 JGroom@hrce.ca
Hughes, Mr. EPA Khughes@hrce.ca
Joubert, Matthew EPA MJoubert@hrce.ca
MacDonald-Sullivan, Ms. EPA BMacDonald-Sullivan@hrce.ca
MacGregor, Brittany School Psychologist 902-465-8650 bmacgregor@hrce.ca
McKenzie, Ms. Lynn Community Outreach Worker LMcKenzie@hrce.ca
Middleton, Susan Caretaker 902-465-8651 SMiddleton@hrce.ca
Naugle , Mrs. EPA lnaugle@hrce.ca
Smith, Ms. EPA Bernadine.smith@hrce.ca
Van Den Heuvel, Ms. Library Technician Monday- Wednesday SVanDenHeuvel@hrce.ca


Namesort descending Role / Department Phone Email Online
Hurley, James Vice Principal 902-465-8651 jhurley@hrce.ca
L'Heureux, Judy Secretary 902-465-8651 jlheureux@hrce.ca
Sarto, Anna Marie Principal 902-465-8651 amsarto@hrce.ca