Tallahassee Community School

Staff Directory

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Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Alcorn, Tanya Resource 50% and Early Literacy Teacher 50 % (French) ext. 6901214 talcorn@hrce.ca
Alexander, Sandy 100% Learning Center ext. 6901213 salexander@hrce.ca
Bigg, Sonia Grade 3 french immersion ext. 6901207 sbigg@hrce.ca
Boudreau, Janice Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 6901202 Janice.Boudreau@hrce.ca
Boulegon, Ashley Grade 3 ext. 6901217 aboulegon@hrce.ca
Brna, Suzanne Resource (English) ext. 6901118 SBrna@hrce.ca
Bruce, Jennifer Grade Primary 50% ext. 6901103 jbruce@hrce.ca
Carrington, Cindy Grade Primary 50% ext. 6901103 ccarrington@hrce.ca
Casavechia, Patricia Music 80% ext. 6901005 PMarshall-Casavechia@hrce.ca Website
Comeau-Shantz, Reanne Grade 2 French Immersion ext. 6901205 rcomeau-shantz@hrce.ca
Dempsey, Jayne Grade 1 50% (Reading Recovery Relief) & Physical Education 30% ext. 6901206 jdempsey@hrce.ca Website
Dykeman, Sarah Grade 1-2 French Immersion ext. 6901216 sdykeman@hrce.ca
Flemming, Jenna Learning Centre ext. 6901213 jflemming@hrce.ca
Francis, Danielle Grade 1 English 50% & Reading Recovery 50% ext. 6901206 dfrancis@hrce.ca
Harris, Jennifer Grade 2 ext. 6901204 JHarding@hrce.ca
Hodder, Mary Jill Grade 3 french immersion ext. 6901203 mhodder@hrce.ca
Kilfoil, Jennifer School Psychologist JKilfoil2@hrce.ca
Langille, Sophie Grade 3 ext. 6901220 slangille@hrce.ca
Lapierre, Yvonne Grade 2 ext. 6901219 Ylapierre@hrce.ca
Leblanc, Lorianne Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 6901105 Lorianne.LeBlanc@hrce.ca
MacDonald, Sheila Grade Primary ext. 6901102 Sheila.MacDonald@hrce.ca
Molcsan, Eva Physical Education 70% ext. 6901006 emolcsan@hrce.ca Website
O'brien, Kendra School Speech Language Pathologist kendra.obrien@hrce.ca
Perry, Jean Grade Primary French Immersion ext. 6901104 perryj@hrce.ca
Rossley, Lisa Grade Primary-1 French Immersion ext. 6901114 lrossley@hrce.ca
Rutledge, Tara Grade 3 30% ext. 6901002 rutledget@hrce.ca
Sampson, Annette Physical Education 30% asampson@hrce.ca Website
Sarkis, Alicia Grade 1 ext. 6901208 asarkis@hrce.ca
Snow, Jill Grade 3 ext. 6901218 jsnow@hrce.ca
Whitty, Christine Early Literacy Teacher (ELT) ext. 6901211 cwhitty@hrce.ca
Williams, Danita Guidance 50% 902-465-8006 DDaye@hrce.ca Website

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Conrad, Patsy EPA pconrad@hrce.ca
Craig, Christine EPA ccraig@hrce.ca
Currie, Rebecca EPA rcurrie@hrce.ca
Dollimont, Jillian School Social Worker 902-471-7918 jdollimont@hrce.ca
Field, Kevin Night Custodian kfield@hrce.ns.ca
Fougere, Jennifer Schools Plus Assistant Leader 902-483-8367 jfougere@hrce.ca
Hughes, Kenneth EPA Khughes@hrce.ca
Joubert, Matthew EPA 80% MJoubert@hrce.ca
Kennedy, Sharon 50% EPA Sharon.Kennedy@hrce.ca
MacDonald-Sullivan, Barbara EPA BMacDonald-Sullivan@hrce.ca
McKenzie, Lynne Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker LMcKenzie@hrce.ca
Middleton, Susan Caretaker ext. 4 tlc-caretaker@hrce.ca
Naugle, Lynn EPA lnaugle@hrce.ca
Smith, Bernadine EPA Bernadine.smith@hrce.ca
Van Den Heuvel, Shauna Library Technician Monday- Wednesday ext. 6901007 SVanDenHeuvel@hrce.ca
Warner, Gloria 80% EPA gwarner@hrce.ca


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
L'Heureux, Judy Secretary 902-465-8651 ext. 0 jlheureux@hrce.ca
Liberatore, Nancy Principal 902-465-8651 ext. 2 nliberatore@hrce.ca Twitter
Rutledge, Tara Vice Principal 902-465-8651 ext. 3 rutledget@hrce.ca