Tallahassee Community School

October 11th, 2017

Picture Day and Choir


Students are reminded to bring in their signed permission form for choir. Choir takes place on Tuesdays from 12:25 to 12:55. In order to participate in choir, permission forms can be passed into Mrs. MacMullin. 


Picture Day

Picture Day at Tallahassee will take place on 2 different days. The first day is Tuesday, October 10 and the second day is Wednesday October 11. Please check out the list below to find out what day your child's picture will be taken.


Tuesday, October 10

P Alexander
P/1 Beaton
P/1 Bruce/MacKay
P Hodder
P/1 Boudreau
1 Rossley
1 Comeau-Shantz
1 Desmond
3 Campbell
3 LaPierre/MacKenzie
Wednesday, October 11
1 Harris
1/2 Francis/Mc
2/3 Marr
2 Brisson
2 Bigg
2 McMullin
2 Diamond
4 Hurley/Boulegon
3 Boudreau
¾ Bramwell