Tallahassee Community School



Important Information Regarding The Cafeteria:
NEW POLICY: CAFETERIA IS OPEN IF THE BUSES ARE NOT RUNNING! You will need to call the cafeteria to cancel lunch that day if your child is not coming to school.

CREDITS: If you do not call in before 9:00am to cancel lunch you cannot take a credit. You must take the credit on the next menu and you are responsible to know how much the credit is.

IF SCHOOL IS CLOSED take a credit on the next menu, you do not need to call to cancel.
PLEASE REMEMBER to fill in the top part of the menu, name, grade and teacher, this is the only way I know whose menu this is. We do not do special orders the choices are listed, please circle or highlight your choices.


Q: How do I order from the cafeteria?

A: Cafeteria menus go home once a month. Each menu is for 4 weeks of lunches, and you can order as many or as few items as you would like for your child(ren).


Q: How do I pay for my order?

You can pay by cash or cheque. Cheques must be made out to Tallahassee Community School.


Q: When are orders due?

A: Orders are sent out a week in advance, and are due back to the school no later than the Thursday before the menu starts. Our cafeteria staff need time to organize and place orders before the week begins.


Q: How will my child get his/her lunch?

A: Lunches are delivered to the classrooms each day.


Q: Can I order recess snacks from the lunch menu?

A: No, however recess snacks can be purchased by the students during the recess break. Prices generally range from $.50 to $1.00.