Tallahassee Community School

First Day of School

Part 2

We are excited to welcome students tomorrow. You can find your child's class placement on Parent Portal. Teachers will also have lists with them outside in the morning and will be available to assist families in identifying class placement. 

Staff will be greet students at the front of the school at 8:25 tomorrow. Students in Primary, P/1, 1, and 1/2 will meet in the gym where class lists will be posted. 2 Snow will line up at door number one (doors before playground). 2 Comeau-Shantz, 2 Bigg, and 2 Harris will meet at door number 3 (doors just past the playground). Students in grade 3 will lineup at the back of the school facing the soccer field (door number 4). 


See you tomorrow!

Jimmy Hurley & Anna Marie Sarto 




Part 1

Welcome Back Tallahassee Families,

With the terrific weather, it is hard to believe the start of a new school year is about to begin next Wednesday.

Our custodial staff have done an amazing job cleaning our school in preparation for the new school year. Teachers have been busy for the past week setting up classrooms and preparing for students' arrival on Wednesday, September 5.

On Tuesday, you will receive an email from your child's teacher introducing themselves. They will also explain procedures for the first morning of school so you know where you child should go once they arrive at school. If you have a child taking the bus to and/or from school, please ensure they are registered with Stock Transportation. You can register them by following the link https://www.hrce.ca/about-our-schools/student-transportation and then clicking on the Bus Tracker link. You will need your child's Student Number which is located on their report card. If you do not have your child's Student Number, please contact the school at 465-8651. It is important that your child knows their bus number (especially for afternoon dismissal). Please review this with your child prior to Wednesday. It would also be helpful to write a note to your child's teacher for the first day to let them know what bus your child will be taking at the end of the day or where they are going.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday, September 5th! 

Ms. Sarto and Mr. Hurley .